CT Cities Showing Population Growth

Connecticut abolished county government decades ago, but population numbers viewed by county continue to demonstrate where the growth is across the state.  According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the state's most populous county is Fairfield, with a population of 916,829 - an increase of 3.9 percent since 2000. The other counties in the top five are Hartford, with a population of 894,014 (increase of 4.3 percent); New Haven, 862,477 (increase of 4.7 percent); New London, 274,055 (increase of 5.8 percent); and Litchfield, 189,927 (increase of 4.2 percent). Fairfield County includes two of the state's largest cities:  #1 Bridgeport (pop. 144,229) and #4 Stamford (122,643).  Rounding out the top five cities are  #2 New Haven, 129,779; #3 Hartford, 124,775;  and #5 Waterbury, 110,366. Largest city growth?  New Haven grew by 5 percent between 2000 and 2010, Stamford by 4.7 percent  and Bridgeport by 3.4 percent.  Waterbury grew by 2.9 percent and Hartford by 2.6 percent over the decade.