State Treasury's Big List Helps Return $2.6 Million

The Office of State Treasurer Denise Nappier reports that $2.6 million has been returned to 2,611 rightful owners of the assets since last November, when the Treasury published the CT Big List – a compilation of individuals eligible to claim assets turned over to the state by financial institutions unable to locate rightful owners. The state holds the assets until rightful owners are located and verified, and publishes a list – in print and online – to help match money with owners.  The claims include dormant balances in savings and checking accounts, unredeemed stocks and bonds, unreturned security deposits and uncashed checks, such as wages or commissions.

A majority of the claims paid were under $1,000; the largest was for $76,948.  The State Treasury has received 348,910 hits on since November.  Nearly 50,000 names were included on the list published last fall.  State law requires the list to be published every other year.