Growing Latino Population Surveyed Nationally

Connecticut’s Hispanic and Latino population grew nearly 50 percent to about 479,000 between 2000 and 2010, according to the U.S. Census, in data released a year ago.  Now, a national survey by the Pew Hispanic Center delves into the views of the nation's fastest growing population. By a ratio of more than two-to-one (69% versus 29%), survey respondents say that the more than 50 million Latinos in the U.S. have many different cultures rather than a common culture. Respondents express a strong, shared connection to the Spanish language. More than eight-in-ten (82%) Latino adults say they speak Spanish, and nearly all (95%) say it is important for future generations to continue to do so. Also, nearly nine-in-ten (87%) say it is important for immigrant Hispanics to learn English in order to succeed in the U.S.

The survey finds that, regardless of where they were born, large majorities of Latinos say that life in the U.S. is better than in their family’s country of origin.