Personalized Medicine Future is Underway in New Haven

While Jackson Labs has garnered most of the public attention in Connecticut with their high profile plan to establish a personalized medicine research facility on the UConn Health Center campus in Farmington - with significant financial incentives courtesy of the State of Connecticut - the effort to establish Connecticut as a leader in the emerging medical research field is taking root elsewhere in the state as well. Precipio Diagnostics - recently relocated from New Jersey to New Haven - is in the vanguard of the personalized medicine revolution, bringing scientific breakthroughs to the broader market where diagnostic developments can reach more oncology practices, and through them, help provide the best care to more cancer patients.  The company's association with Yale's School of Medicine puts the latest scientific advances within reach of oncology practices in Connecticut, and beyond.  The company currently has 14 staff members, including four who relocated from New Jersey.  Plans are to hire 15 more employees within the next 24 months.

“The accuracy of diagnosis is the basis for treatment. And the correct treatment can extend, and even save, patients’ lives,” said Precipio CEO Ilan Danieli. “Our goal is to become the market leader of personalized medicine in cancer diagnostics.”