CT is Among Last Down the Aisle in Wedding Business

Spring wedding season is upon us, and Connecticut is just warming up.  Where do we stand among the states?  According to the National Center for Health Statistics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (as reported by the AARP) , Connecticut has 5.6 weddings per 1,000 residents (2010 statistics).  That ranks us in the bottom 10. Leading the way, not surprisingly, is Nevada, with an over-the-top 38.3 weddings per 1,000 residents (visitors, even those getting married, are not considered "residents").  Behind Nevada are Hawaii (17.6), Arkansas (10.8) Vermont (9.3), Idaho and Tennessee (8.8) and Utah (8.5).  Mississippi, with 4.9 weddings per 1,000 residents, is the last state down the aisle.  Sharing space among the bottom ten:  Delaware, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, along with the Nutmeg State.   Keep a look-out for low flying bouquets.