CT Seeks to Use Assets to Maximize International Business

Connecticut's strong standing (and potential) as an international business gateway is often underestimated.  With plans proceeding to maximize the use of Bradley International Airport, as the state's new, more nimble airport agency (Connecticut Airport Authority) nears selection of an executive director, a quick glimpse of the state's standing is in order.  Worthy of note:  Connecticut's more than 800 foreign-based corporations employ more than 100,000 people.  Among the goals for Bradley - re-establishment of a direct-to-Europe route. Some of the vital stats, as outlined by the state Department of Economic and Community Development:

  • Connecticut is a leader in research and development, ranking #2 in expenditures as a percentage of overall Gross State Product (GSP).
  • Connecticut is a global competitor, ranking #6 in world GDP per capita. (Behind Singapore, ahead of Norway)
  • Connecticut's workers are among the most productive in the nation, ranking #4 among states.
  • Connecticut is a leader in communications technologies, ranking #5 in broadband telecommunications.
  • Connecticut is a leader in insurance and finance, ranking #2 in total employment.
  • Connecticut is a leading exporter ranking #10 in per capita exports.
  • Connecticut ranks #5 in the number of scientists & engineers per 100,000 employees.