Seeking Social Entrepreneurs Demonstrating It Can Be Done

Are you a Connecticut entrepreneur interested in starting your own business that will improve the community, create jobs, and generate profit with a purpose? If this sounds like you, it may be worthwhile considering an entry for the reSET 2012 Social Entrepreneur Award.  The award recognizes aspiring individuals with viable, sustainable business concepts for social enterprise that will improve the community, create jobs, and demonstrate the power of harnessing profit to purpose. The Grand Prize Winner and finalists will receive a cash start-up award and other benefits to help take their idea to the next level.  Application Deadline is July 1, 2012; the Juror Panel includes reSET Board Members and Advisors.  Award recipients and Grand Prize Winner will be announced at an October 10, 2012 gala.

reSET was formed in Connecticut in 2009, when a group of concerned citizens, educators, and leaders from business and nonprofit organizations got together  to talk about the growing Social Enterprise movement and our desire to see it catch on in a big way throughout Connecticut.   Social Enterprise is a new business model that puts people and purpose before profit and uses the free market to create positive social change.  Becoming a Social Entrepreneur means moving from the profit paradigm to a more satisfying and sustainable way of doing business, and one with a lasting positive legacy.