CT Ranks #12 in USA in Foreign Born Residents

California, at 27.2 percent, New York, at 22.2 percent, and New Jersey, at 21 percent, are the only states with more than 20 percent of their residents having been born in foreign nations.  According to data from the Pew Hispanic Center 2010 American Community Survey, rounding out the top 10 states in percentage of foreign born citizens is Nevada (18.8 percent), Hawaii (17.9 percent), Texas (16.4 percent), Massachusetts (14.9 percent), Maryland (13.9 percent) Illinois (13.7 percent), and Arizona (13.4 percent).  Connecticut comes in at #12 with 13.2 percent of its residents being foreign-born, just behind Washington State’s 13.3 percent and tied with the District of Columbia.

The Migration Policy Institute notes that the largest share of the foreign-born population in Connecticut were from Latin America.  Of the total foreign-born population in Connecticut in 2010, 3.6 percent were from Africa, 22.0 percent from Asia, 28.5 percent from Europe, 42.1 percent from Latin America (South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean), 3.4 percent from Northern America (Canada, Bermuda, Greenland, and St. Pierre and Miquelon).  The top three countries of birth of the foreign born in Connecticut were Poland, Jamaica, and India.

The Migration Policy Institute is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank in Washington, DC dedicated to analysis of the movement of people worldwide.