Data Visualization Images Seek to Define Political Season

For an interesting look-back at the 2012 session of the Connecticut state legislature, there is the data visualization designed by Readily Apparent, a Connecticut-based company founded by Brendan Hanrahan and David Smith as a means of visually conveying insights that can be gained with the use of relational data designs and dynamic graphics. Their areas of focus include Data Visualization - compelling visuals, tables, animations to reveal the meaning of information – as well as data design and management, legislative tracking and analysis and opposition research for candidates.

Their clickable tree-map gives a “30,000-foot view” of activity by policy area for the 2012 Connecticut General Assembly session--with click-thru drill-downs to related bills and details.  For legislative researchers – not to mention candidates – gathering basic data has never been this easy.  Additional data visualizations are on the company’s website.