Rounding Up Connecticut Legislative Voting Data Reveals Like-Minded Patterns

A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes.  The website Readily Apparent proves that once again, with interactive infographics for every state legislator – showing who among their colleagues voted in similar patters during the 2012 session.  The site is easy to use, and full of often-revealing comparisons displayed in concentric circles.  Visitors to the site elect their local legislator from a pull down menu, and see who is in orbit around them, as it were.  While the red-blue divisions are clearly evident for many, there are some surprises along the way. The Similarity Graphic used by Readily Apparent shows how similar Connecticut legislators are based on their 2012 voting, crossover rates, and introduced and sponsored bills. The closer others are to a selected lawmaker in the center circle, the more similar their records; the further away the less similar.