Connecticut Ranks #13 in Workers Employed Here Who Live Elsewhere

The percentage of Connecticut workers who live outside the Constitution State is among the highest in the country, ranking 13th overall, at 6.4 percent.  Data from the American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that Delaware has the largest percentage of workers who reside outside the state, at 14.8 percent. (The District of Columbia exceeds all the states, at 72.4map-usa percent.)

In examining the top commuting flows from state of residence to workplace state, Connecticut ranks at #14, with 66,652 people traveling from their homes in Connecticut to work in New York.  The leading residence-to-workplace combination is New Jersey to New York, with 396,520 workers commuting from the Garden State to the Empire State for their jobs.  The other top pairs are Maryland to D.C., Virginia to D.C., New York to New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to New Jersey.

The Survey’s analysis points out that “information about commuting activity between two specific geographic areas helps define commuting patterns and provides a gauge of economic interconnectedness.”

The top 15 states, and the percentage of their workers who live outside the state’s borders, are:

  1. D.C.                        72.4%
  2. Delaware             14.8%
  3. Rhode Island      12.8%
  4. North Dakota     11.6%
  5. New Hampshire 10.8%
  6. West Virginia     10.0%
  7. Maryland             9.1%
  8. Kansas                  8.4%
  9. Kentucky             7.8%
  10. Missouri               7.4%
  11. Vermont              7.1%
  12. Virginia                 6.8%
  13. Connecticut       6.4%morning traffic
  14. New York            6.4%
  15. Massachusetts  6.3%

 The statistics in the survey, which was issued earlier this year, reflects 2011 data.  The report also noted that among U.S. workers who did not work at home, 8.1 percent had commutes of 60 minutes or longer.  New York had the highest rage of “long commutes” at 16.2 percent, followed by Maryland and New Jersey at 14.8 percent and 14.6, respectively.  In Connecticut, 6.4 percent of workers working in the state have a commute of 60 minutes or longer.

The American Community Survey (ACS) is a nationwide survey designed to provide communities with reliable and timely demographic, social, economic, and housing data for the nation, states, congressional districts, counties, places, and other localities every year. It had a 2011 sample size of about 3.3 million.