Land of Steady Habits: CT Ranks #37 in Divorce Rate

Connecticut’s divorce rate ranks the state #37 in the nation in the percentage of residents who are divorced.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, 10.6 percent of state residents are divorced, 1.4 percent are separated, and 48.2 percent are married.

The highest divorce rate was in Nevada, at 14.6 percent.  Right behind Nevada are Maine (14.2 percent), Oklahoma (13.5 percent), Oregon (13.4 percent), Arkansas and West Virginia (13.3 percent), Florida and Kentucky (13.2 percent).

The lowest divorcDivorcee rates were in New Jersey, 8.6 percent, New York, 8.8 percent, and the District of Columbia, 9.2 percent.  Utah, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii were tied at 9.5 percent.

The state with the highest percentage of the population married was Utah, at 55.7 percent, followed by Idaho (55 percent) and Wyoming (52.9 percent).  Connecticut has the 31st highest percentage of married people among the states, at 48.2 percent.  The state was in a tie for 11th in percentage of population who were separated.

The U.S. Census data was from calendar year 2012, the most recent data available comparing states, and was reported by Bloomberg Visual Data.