Woodstock is CT's Best Town for Teens, Analysis Shows

Last week, Connecticut by the Numbers reported that Connecticut’s under-18 population has declined during the past decade, and the state now ranks #37 in the nation in the percentage of residents less than 18 years-old. Now, the Hearst newspapers in Connecticut have researched the best towns for teens to live in the state. Topping the lwalkingist were the small towns of Woodstock, Cornwall, and Prospect. The Hearst analysis to determine the state’s best towns for teens, included five sets of numbers: the town’s four-year graduation rates for high schools; the percentage of the population between the ages of 15 and 19; the percentage of teens holding a job; teen pregnancy rates; and arrests numbers for teens charged with drug offenses and driving while intoxicated.

Here are Connecticut’s Top 10 Towns for Teens:

  1. Wood stock 84.3top towns
  2. Cornwall 82.5
  3. Prospect 82.0
  4. Mansfield 80.9
  5. Eastford 80.7
  6. Wolcott 80.6
  7. Brooklyn 80.2
  8. Scotland 80.0
  9. Bolton 79.9
  10. New Hartford 79.9

At the bottom of the list are the towns of Winchester (38.6), East Windsor (38.2) and Derby (19.3), the data indicates.  Not a single Southwestern Connecticut town cracked the top 10 of the list, according to the story published by Hearst Media. Newtown is the Southwestern Connecticut town with the highest score, coming in at No. 14, with a total score of 78.5 out of 100.

“Though idyllic towns dotting the landscape around Fairfield County and surrounding areas are often heralded as havens for raising children, many of the smaller, more affluent spots were ranked near the middle of the list or below: Ridgefield came in at No. 38 with a score of 74.6; New Canaan came in at No. 72 with 69.6 points; Darien was No. 81 with 68.4 points; Westport was No. 106 with 65.2 points; and Greenwich was No. 119 out of 169, with 62.3 points,” Hearts Media reported, in a story published by the Connecticut Post.