Child Support Caseloads Climb; Distributions to Families, Children Drop - Opposite of National Trend

From fiscal year 2012 to fiscal year 2013, Connecticut’s child support caseload increased, administrative expenditures climbed, and collections distributed to children and families dropped, setting the state apart from national trends. During the FY2013, total child support collections nationwide increased by one percent from the previous year, to $31.9 billion. The amount distributed to children and families increased by 1.7 percent over FY2012, according to data compiled by the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement and reported by the National Conference of State Legislatures. child support chart

Connecticut’s caseload – 206,221 total cases – ranked the state 28th in the nation, the same position as a year ago. The previous year, Connecticut’s caseload was 202,736. Total distributed collections dropped to $242,343,350 in FY2013 from $245,369,851 in FY201child support wall2.

Nearly 95 percent of the amount collected was distributed to the family while just 5 percent was retained by the state as reimbursement for public assistance, according to the nationwide data. At the same time, caseloads and administrative expenditures decreased nationwide.

In Connecticut, however, the volume of cases increased by just under 3,500. Expenditures climbed from $69,637,919 to $73,001,269.

The largest caseloads in FY2013 were in Texas (1.42 million), California (1.29 million), Michigan (996,000), New York (918,000), Ohio (899,000), and Florida (855,000).

Each year, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) releases a report detailing information about financial and statistical program achievements based on quarterly and annual data. OCSE compiles this information from status reports submitted by states and tribes detailing program performance.

The complete OCSE FY2013 Preliminary Report is available online.