Fan Likes? Patriots Nation, Giants Country, Jets Nowhere

Although undefeated thus far this season, the New York Jets, it turns out, are nowhere.  At least nowhere on a nationwide, country-by-county map released by Facebook of the National Football League “likes” of Facebook users.tristate The breakdown showed Patriots dominance throughout New England and most of Connecticut – with the exception of Fairfield and New Haven counties, which remain Giants country.

The Jets were the only NFL team not to “win” a single county.

Months ago, The New York Times published a similar breakdown of major league baseball fans, which was especially interesting in breaking down the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, but also highlighted the interest in the Yankees all across the country.

Unlike the MLB baseball map, there’s no clear “national” team, the Atlantic reported in analyzing the data.  Love for the the Bronx Bombers bubbled up in the absence of a prominent popular local franchise, appearing not only in greater New York City but also in far-reaching locations including North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada and New Mexico. NoNewYorkJets

nation countryThat’s just not reflected in the NFL map. The Cowboys come closest, but they’re not “America’s team” as unambiguously, despite the longstanding public relations effort. Beyond Texas and its neighbors, the only isolated pockets of Cowboys fandom are in southern Nevada and southeastern Virginia. That’s it.

After the Cowboys, the Broncos control a huge region in the upper mid-west. Rivaling the Broncos are the 49ers, which rule almost all of California; and the Patriots, Seahawks and Saints, who all dominate their regions – at least on Facebook, if not in the NFL standings.

Connecticut, as it is in baseball, is divided in allegiances between New York and Boston professional teams.  But as is true throughout the tri-state region, the Jets don’t quite exceed Giants or Patriots fans – according to Facebook – anywhere.


NFL fan map