Courant Community Replaces Reminder News in Eastern, Northern Connecticut

Nearly two years ago, the Hartford Courant purchased Reminder Media Inc., long-time publisher of 15 free weekly Reminder News publications distributed in eastern and northern Connecticut. The 15 Reminder News weeklies were in Colchester, East Hartford, Enfield, Glastonbury, Hebron/Columbia, Jewett City, Killingly/Plainfield, Manchester, Putnam, South Windsor, Stafford, Vernon, Windham/Mansfield, Windsor and Windsor Locks.  Soon-to-depart publisher Nancy Meyer said at the time that the purchase “reinforces our commitment to reporting and delivering local news in Connecticut."courant community cover

Now those publications have a new look and a new name.  Beginning with the Thanksgiving week issue, the publication was redesigned and renamed “Courant Community.”  The tagline “powered by Reminder News” remains on the front page.  Existing “Courant Extra” publications in Manchester and Enfield have been “consolidated” into the new-look publications.

In a message to readers, Courant Publisher Richard J. Daniels explained the “major makeover” as key to The Hartford Courant Media Group’s “print and digital operations designed to deliver more local news to readers.”  The “sweeping redesign” of the Reminder News and Courant Extra weeklies will offer “enhanced coverage of local business, dining and entertainment, real estate, community events and more.”

The redesign doesn’t stop there.  “The makeover has extended to the Courant’s digital universe as well,” Daniels points out, “with redesigned community-based pages online (at” and “more opportunities for reader interaction.”courant community

Courant Community Group Editor is Bonnie Phillips; Deputy Editor is Erin Quinlan.  Offices are based in Manchester.

On the website of The Hartford Courant, news articles submitted by readers now are categorized under the Courant Community moniker.  An interactive map, on which readers can select their town and be guided to local news, also seeks contributions ranging from birthdays and engagements to local news and events.

The list of Hartford Courant Media Group entries now includes the Courant, CTNow (which previously subsumed the Hartford Advocate), Hartford magazine (previously purchased from an independent company), New Haven Living, Courant Community and ValuMail.