Bozrah is #13; Mashantucket #170: Towns by the Numbers

Every town in Connecticut has a tax code number, issued by the state and used in a variety of official reports across state agencies.  How are the numbers determined?  The towns are listed alphabetically, and given their appropriate number, in order.   Which means that:

  • Bozrah is lucky #13
  • Andover is #1
  • Woodstock is #169
  • Middletown may be at the state’s center geographically, but Monroe is half-way down the list at #85
  • Towns that begin with “New” start with New Britain at #89 and run through Newtown at #97
  • The first double digit town is Bethlehem at #10; the first triple digit town is North Canaan at #100
  • The final locale on the list hasn’t been considered a town through the years:  at #170 in a state with 169 towns is “Mashantucket

If you’d like to know your town’s number, take a look at the full list.