Connecticut's #1 Athlete Search: LeBron James

Which athlete is Connecticut most interested in?  Not Shabazz Napier, not Stefanie Dolson.  At least not according to Google, which analyzed the frequency of searches in each of the 50 states during the past 12 months.  Number one in Connecticut:  LeBron JamesPopular-Players-Complete-Blu2

In fact, LeBron James dominates the competition, showing up as the most searched athlete in 23 of the 50 states. Next in line is Peyton Manning who claims seven states, then Adrian Peterson and Tom Brady who tie for 3rd with four states.

Andrew Wiggins (two states) and Johnny Manziel (one state) are the only athletes to win at least one state despite technically not having made the transition to professional sports yet. Tiger Woods (one state - Vermont) is the only athlete on the map who doesn’t play one of the “Big Four” North American sports.

Across New England, Tom Brady is number one in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.

The website Best Tickets also indicated that Google research shows that the NFL is far and away the most popular league in the United States. In almost every state, the NBA was the second-most popular league, but MLB and the NHL did make a few appearances in the number two spot.

New York is the only state in which the NBA is the most popular league. In Florida, Oklahoma and Oregon, the NBA and NFL tie for first.