Connecticut’s All-Time Coldest Temperature: -32 Degrees

The coldest temperature ever officially recorded in the State of Connecticut is -32 degrees, which occurred on February 16, 1943, in the rural town of Falls Village, located in northwestern Connecticut, about 50 miles from Hartford.

The average Connecticut temperature is 31 degrees in December, 26 degrees in January and 28 degrees in February, records show.  That ranks the state at #30 for average temperature. If you’re wondering, Rhode Island ranks #27, New York is #28, Massachusetts is #34.  No surprise here: Hawaii is #1; Alaska is #50.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection reports:given day

  • January averages 3.5 inches of liquid precipitation; 12.3 inches of snowfall
  • 14th- Daylight increasing by 1.5 minutes each day
  • 16th- Record high this date 62o F in 1995; record low -8oF in 1994
  • 24th- Daylight increasing by 2 minutes each day
  • January 20-25 is the traditional January thaw

The coldest temperature ever officially recorded in Hartford is -26 degrees, which occurred on January 22, 1961. Weather temperatures have been officially kept in Hartford, Connecticut since 1905.  Below zero temperature readings are not at all rare in Hartford. Since 1905, the city has had 10 days when the temperature dropped below -15 degrees. Hartford averages 133 days a year when thecold weather temperature drops below freezing, according to a report published in Yahoo News.

In New Haven, the greatest chance of snow is around February 1st, according to data compiled by the website Weather Spark. It has snowed on that day 24 percent of the time since 1983. During the cold season overall, considered between December 3 to March 14, there is a 43% average chance that precipitation will be observed at some point during a given day. When precipitation does occur it is most often in the form of light snow (32% of days with precipitation have at worst light snow), light rain (28%), moderate rain (16%), and moderate snow (8%).

The difference between the all-time coldest temperature ever recorded in Hartford (-26) and the all-time coldest temperature ever recorded in the state of Connecticut (-32) is six degrees.   A difference without a distinction.