CT Ranks #3 in Millionaires, Behind Maryland and New Jersey

Connecticut had 100,754 millionaire residents last year, up from 99,235 in 2012, comprising 7.32 percent of the state’s 1.4 million households. Connecticut ranked third in the U.S. in millionaires per-capita, according to published reports. Maryland ranked in first place using the per-capita measurement and New Jersey placed second. Connecticut was ranked fourth in 2012, but moved up one slot by overtaking Hawaii.

In the midst of its oil boom, North Dakota was the leader at minting millionaires in 2013, moving to #29 in the Millionaire Ranking, up from #43 in 2012.  Other big gainers in 2013 were Maine (up 11 slots to #25) and Louisiana (up 10 points to #32).

Phoenix Marketing International, a global marketing slistingervices firm, develops the  annual ranking of millionaires per capita by state.  The results care culled from their Global Wealth Monitor, a service that tracks affluent and high net worth households.

Nevada lost the most ground in the 2013 Millionaire Ranking, falling 20 positions to #39.  Other big drops were Arizona (losing 13 positions to fall to #34); Florida, Michigan and Idaho each fell 10 positions on the list.

While Maryland continued to lead the list, there were some changes among the other top five states: New Jersey and Connecticut each moved up one spot (to #2 and 3 respectively), while Hawaii fell two places to #4.  Alaska moved into the top 5 for the first time, while Massachusetts moved down to #6.

Rounding out the top 12 were Virginia, New Hampshire, Delaware, District of Columbia, California and Nmillionaires per capita by state map_02ew York.  At the other end of the list, in reverse order from the bottom, were Mississippi, Arkansas, Idaho, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee – the states with the fewest millionaires per capita.

Nationwide, the number of American households with more than a million in assets has hit 9.6 million, according to the Spectrem Group, surpassing the pre-recession high of 9.2 million.