Hartford Radio Ratings Reflect Dominance of FM Stations

The most recent radio ratings in the Hartford market confirm the dominance of FM radio and the continued long slide of AM radio and audience levels overall.  The top seven most listened-to stations in the market are FM, led by perennial ratings leader WRCH-FM, a CBS Radio owned Adult Contemporary format station, with an 11.6 rating. Tightly bunched behind WRCH-FM are WWYZ-FM (country music), with a rating of 7.5, WTIC-FM (hot adult contemporary) at 7.4, WHCN-FM (classic hits) at 7.0 and WKSS-FM (contemporary hits) at 6.9. on air

Rounding out the top eight are WZMX-FM at 6.5, WDRC-FM at 6.3, and WTIC-AM at 5.9.

Then the ratings drop down to WNPR-FM at 2.6, WDRC-AM at 1.1, WFCR-FM (based in Amherst, MA) at 0.9 and WPOP-AM at 0.1.  WPOP recently switched to a news/talk format, and plans to broadcast Hartford Yard Goats minor league baseball games.  WDRC-FM switched to a Classic Rock format, similar to the music that played a decade ago on WCCC and WHCN.

The ratings profile, covering listening habits in November 2015, contains an quarter hour share (AQH) rating -- the average number of persons, ages 6+, who listened during any average quarter hour from 6am to midnight, Monday through Sunday in the Survey Area, Metropolitan Hartford.radio ratings

Fifteen years ago, before smart phones, internet radio, satellite radio and a limitless supply of alternate listening options, the numbers were higher across the board, and AM radio – in the case of WTIC – was often at the top of the list, or not far behind.

Here’s what the ratings looked like in April 2001:

WTIC-AM1080 was the most-listened-to radio station in the Hartford market, posting a 13.1 share in the winter rating period, up from the 10.3 it logged in the fall ratings.  WRCH fell from 11.8 to 10.5 to finish second. WKSS-FM also suffered a ratings drop, as reported at the time by the Journal Inquirer. The station racked up an 8.2 rating, down from the 9.7 it chalked up during the fall ratings period.

WWYZ-FM advanced from a 6.6 to a 7.7 to finish fourth overall.  WTIC-FM enjoyed a slight improvement, advancing from 6.8 to 7.0.  Rounding out the Top 10 were WDRC-FM (4.9), WCCC-FM (4.8), WDRC-AM (3.7), WMRQ-FM (3.) and WHCN-FM (3.1, up from 2.8).

Finishing 11th was WZMX-FM, which slid from a 3.1 in the fall to a 2.7 in the winter. WAQY-FM (West Springfield,MA), , finished 12th with a 1.9 rating.  The area's all-sports station, WPOP-AM1410, was far back in the pack with a 0.7 share.

Among the morning programs, in overall ratings, WTIC's Ray Dunaway and Diane Smith attained a 17.2 rating. WRCH was second with an 8.8 share. WTIC-FM was third with an 8.4 share, followed by WWYZ and WKSS. WCCC-FM gained a half-point to finish sixth with a 6.4 share.WRCH1

A new station took high honors among the 25-54 demographic among morning shows. WTIC-FM and host Gary Craig posted an 11.3 to grab the No. 1 spot.  WTIC-AM was second with a 10.4 rating.  WRCH was third, followed by WCCC.howard stern

In the 18-34 age bracket, WKSS was No. 1, WCCC was second overall in the young demographic. In morning shows, WCCC and Howard Stern continued in the No. 1 position. WCCC grabbed a 15.6 share in the morning, WKSS was second, at 12.8.  WMRQ and its morning host, former Twisted Sister lead singer Dee Snider, attained a 10.7 rating.