Hartford, New Haven Challenging for People with Asthma

The American Asthma and Allergy Foundation marked World Asthma Day by releasing its 2012 Asthma Capital rankings, a list of the 100 “most challenging places to live with asthma” in the United States. Memphis, TN has the distinction of earning the top spot, after being No. 3 last year. Two cities  in New England, unfortunately, made the top ten worst cities in which to live for those with asthma - and none in New England was cited as among the best cities in which to live.

According to the survey, directly behind Memphis is New Haven, which had been ranked at #19 previously. Pollution and pollen are in abundance in New Haven, as is second-hand smoke, according to the report.   The sixth worst city is also in Connecticut.  Hartford’s asthma numbers are growing according to the foundation. Just since last year (2011), Hartford went from number 40 on the list to number 6.

Over 25 million Americans suffer with asthma. Causes are air pollution, second hand smoke, genetics, and pollen (environmental factors).