CT's "Still Revolutionary" Tourism Backed with $27 Million

Tourism in Connecticut generates about $11.5 billion in spending, $1.15 billion in state and local tax revenue and employs nearly 111,000 workers, according to 2011 statistics.  But for the Malloy Administration, that's not nearly enough.  A new  two-year, $27 million dollar initiative to bolster tourism, to include TV, radio, print, and digital advertising, with the theme "Connecticut: Still Revolutionary" is being launched.  The new logo is already appearing on the state's social media channels. "Still Revolutionary speaks to Connecticut's deep roots in the founding of this country and reminds us that we still have that independent, revolutionary spirit," Malloy said.   "For centuries we have been the home of literary greats, innovators and natural wonders — an incredibly diverse array of products and talent, all right here in Connecticut.  We are a beautiful state, and we are very proud of our history, even as we look toward our future.  It's time we did a better job of telling that story."