Audience for EPSN morning simulcast larger with TV, radio

An Arbitron-ESPN study of the audience of the ESPN RADIO-ESPN2 morning show "Mike and Mike in the Morning" showed most fans listening to the show on radio or watching on TV, but those using both spending "much more time" with the show. Among the study's findings were that the show reached4.7 million weekly in November 2011 through April2012, with radio delivering 2.3 million exclusive weekly listeners, cable adding 1.6 million exclusive viewers, and 800,000 using both radio and TV.  Dual media users were 17% of the audience but responsible for 28% of weekly usage, according to the results of the cross-platform study by ESPN and Arbitron Inc.

The cross-platform study detailed how fans in markets measured by the Arbitron Portable People Meter™(PPM®) service listened to the ESPN sport talk duo on radio and watched the simulcast on ESPN2 cable television.

Also among the findings:

  • Radio remains the quintessential out of home medium. 59 percent of the Persons 6+ average quarter hour audience for radio listens outside of the home.
  • Only 5 percent of the average audience delivered by cable TV came from out from home locations.