Ryan Flew to Hartford En Route to Receiving Romney's VP Offer

Question:  If you are the soon-to-be Republican nominee for President of the United States and you’d like to have a private meeting with your prospective running mate, just outside of Boston, how do you secretly get him there?  Answer:  Have him fly into Hartford. NBC News is reporting that when Gov. Mitt Romney met with Rep. Paul Ryan on August 5 in Brookline, MA where he offered the VP slot on the GOP national ticket, Ryan had driven from his Wisconsin home to Chicago, and took a flight to Hartford.   Ryan was met at Bradley International Airport by the 19-year-old son of Beth Myers, who headed the Romney campaign’s  VP vetting operation, and he drove Ryan, undetected by the news media, to the Myers home in Brookline where Romney was waiting.

So, let history record that Connecticut's Bradley International Airport  - the second largest in New England, contributing $4 billion in economic activity in the region - was the Gateway to New England, Mitt Romney and the Vice Presidential nomination for a Congressman from Wisconsin in 2012.

Still revolutionary, as advertised.