State Comparison Ranks Connecticut Students #4 in College Prep Test Results

Where have all the smart kids gone? Apparently, north. A state-by-state comparison map compiled by the website FindTheBest shows that when it comes to American students' standardized test scores, the North is dominating the South. And Connecticut is a top ten state, ranking at number 4.

The students with the best scores were in the states of New Hampshire, Minnesota and Massachusetts. Most of the New England states - except Maine and Rhode Island - reached the top ten.  New York was lower down the list, with a score in the 70's.  The lowest scores came out of Arkansas (60) and Mississippi (59).

To create the map, researchers looked at each state's scores for the SAT, ACT, AP and National Assessment of Educational Progress tests, using data from each state's department of education.  Each state was assigned a score based on the comparison, out of 100.

The top ranked states:

  1. New Hampshire 100states
  2. Massachusetts 98
  3. Minnesota 98
  4. Connecticut 96
  5. New Jersey 95
  6. Wisconsin 95
  7. Vermont 94
  8. North Dakota 92
  9. South Dakota 92
  10. Iowa 92
  11. Ohio 90
  12. Missouri 90
  13. Kansas 90
  14. Utah 89
  15. Pennsylvania 86
  16. Illinois 86