Tale of Two Lists: Influential Leaders in Greater Hartford

‘Tis the season of making a list and checking it twice. Which will probably be the strategy employed by Hartford magazine next year, after enduring considerable criticism for omitting Latinos from their list and feature article on the “50 Most Influential” individuals in the Greater Hartford region - a prominent, lengthy and well-photographed December edition cover story.

Now, Latinos United for Professional Advancement (LUPA) has issued its list of the 50 most Influential Latinos in the region – a list not only impressive for who’s included, but for the numerous talented and highly placed Latinos who didn’t make the list, an indication of the growing breadth of leadership in the region by individuals of Hispanic heritage.  It is the first such list to be issued by the relatively new organization, aimed at bringing together and advancing the Latino professional community.

At least Hartford magazine will have a place to start when they consider candidates for next year’s cover story.

Yes, such lists are incredibly subjective.  But as LUPA points out, their list “was developed to demonstrate the significant roles Latinos play in the capital region and the influence they have on many facets” of life in the region and the state.  “The Latino population in Hartford is more than 45 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and in Connecticut the total population growth from 2000-2010 was 168,532 with Latinos comprising 158,764 of that population growth.”

See the LUPA list and the Hartford magazine list.  All good and worthy people, who are making significant contributions to the region.   That's 100 names, no overlap.

Concerns raised by ctlatinonews and others regarding the Hartford magazine list will, one would expect, result next year in other names “making their first appearance, new faces on the Greater Hartford scene that we expect to see more of in years to come,” to quote, in a slightly different context, the Hartford magazine list preamble.