CT Receives Recognition for Economic Development

The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development has received national recognition from a top site selector organization for its economic development efforts.  DECD was selected to receive the 2013 Site Selectors Guild Award for its work with Tronox Inc., a chemical company that announced in 2012 that it would be locating its world headquarters in Stamford.  The Site Sectors Guild is a professional association that includes some of the worlds most respected site consultants. The most recent recognition underscores ongoing efforts of DECD, which include highlighting Connecticut's strong position to attract and grow businesses.  Some of the noteworthy stats:

  • Connecticut is a leader in patents, ranking 8th in the nation.
  • Connecticut is a leader in business research and development, ranking #1 per capita.
  • Connecticut is a global competitor, ranking #6 in world GDP per capita.
  • Connecticut’s workers are among the most productive in the nation, ranking fourth among states.
  • Connecticut is a leader in venture capital deals, which are key to the development of small business, ranking #7.
  • The state ranks 9th in the nation as a leader in the New Economy.
  • Connecticut is a leader in finance and insurance, ranking #2 in total employment.
  • Connecticut is a leading exporter ranking tenth in per capita exports.
  • Connecticut has a highly educated workforce ranking third with an adult population with advanced degrees.
  • Connecticut ranks 6th in the number of scientists & engineers per 100,000 employees.

The data, provided by CL&P's Connecticut Economic Review 2013 and The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, reflects a mix of widely known and virtually unknown stats about Connecticut workforce and global position in a range of industries.