Connecticut Has 4th Highest Costs for Residents of Assisted-Living Facilities

The average monthly cost of a room in an assisted-living facility is higher in Connecticut than in 48 states.  Only Delaware, New Hampshire and the District of Columbia, on average, have higher rates than the Land of Steady Habits. The top twelve, as reported by the Wall Street Journal:

  1. District of Columbia         $5,933
  2. Delaware                             $5,249
  3. New Hampshire                $5,086
  4. Connecticut                        $4,935
  5. Maine                                   $4,881
  6. Alaska                                   $4,850
  7. New Jersey                        $4,794
  8. Vermont                              $4,741
  9. Massachusetts                  $4,660
  10. Hawaii                                   $4,659
  11. Maryland                             $4,546
  12. New York                            $4,011

The data reported in the WSJ was compiled by the MetLife Mature Market Institute, based on a survey of nearly 6,700 long-term care providers nationwide. At the other end of the spectrum, 12 states had average monthly costs that were below $3,000.  Lowest rate?  Arkansas at $2,355 – less than half that of the eight most costly states, including Connecticut.


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