10 Year Low for Nonprofit Fundraising in CT

The Connecticut Council for Philanthropy  reports that in 2011, nonprofit organizations in  Greater Hartford, Greater New Haven and Fairfield County ran the lowest number of fundraising campaigns and had the lowest combined fundraising goals  in the past 10 years. The combined total of the 50 campaigns set goals of just over $344 million, down nearly 30% from $492 million in 2010.   The reports on the three regions include detailed information on 51 major fundraising campaigns in the state. The Council's report notes that of the 22 major capital campaigns that ended since a year ago, 12 met their stated goals, 5 organizations decided not to proceed with their campaigns, and others simply made due with less.  Among the 43 campaigns that are continuing from a year ago, the majority are re-evaluating their goals, extending the length of their campaigns or seeking alternate financing.